Meating point Magazine - Dec 2018

LIMA applications are quite numerous such as for poultry raw materials : necks, V-bones, drumsticks, front carcasses, wings as well as for pork such as back bones, necks, ribs.

Desinewers for the separation of tendons, sinews, cartilages, bone chips of meat cuts without bones such as trimmings, aponeurosis, shank meat at a very high yield, from 80 to 96 %, so as to recover an excellent desinewed meat while C/P ratios remain under controlled values and the temperature hardly increases during the process.

LIMA machines bnefit from the following advantages :

  • No pre-breaking needed,
  • Single stage operation,
  • Low maintenance cost,
  • Optimum high yields,
  • Quick use and operator friendly.

LIMA in its daily endeavour to develop equipment which actually fit its customers various separation needs, has standardized its range of equipment in order to enable most separators to be changed over into deboners or desinewers and vice versa in a quick, easy and effective way.

Other specific applications have been developped throughout the years with its customers and not only for the human food industry but also for the petfood industry or collagen industry with for instance :

  • Pork fat - skin separation, the good quality fat being reused in the formulation of further processed meat products and the defatted skin being used by collagen manufacturers.
  • Cartilage separation out of pork tracheas of beef gullets, such as cartilage having various applications in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Other soft bones coming from fish central bones after filleting or fish flaps can also be separated from the fish pulp, such fish pulp being used for the formulation of further processed products for human or petfood consumptions.

LIMA's expertise and experience has enabled the company to develp and propose its customers with deboners for much harder bones such as pork of beef.

These participate even more to the already established reputation of robust, user friendly and efficient separation equipment LIMA has.

It would take a very long article to enumerate all the separation capabilities of LIMA and what LIMA's customers actually separate, some animals being sometimes more exotic than those already mentioned. LIMA had estimated back in 2014 that more than 1 500 000 metric tons of separated meat we're processed every year on LIMA separators, and this number keeps growing on. Definitely, LIMA has a world of separation !

LIMA actively participates to more than 35 different tradeshows a year, many of them being specialized in the poultry, meat and fish industries such as IFFA in Francfurt, ANUGA in Cologne, IPPE in Atlanta, SIAL in Paris, SEAFOOD PROCESSING show in Brussels or Boston and many VIV shows in Europe, Asia and in the Middle East. So, please feel free to come and meet them to discuss about your separation need.