About LIMA


The origin of LIMA Company goes back to the early 70’s, when Brittany and the Great West of France became the No. 1 european region dedicated to poultry breeding and further processing.

The availability of raw product from many local poultry slaughter houses allowed to set up in 1973 , “ PROTEIS VIANDES ”, dedicated to the production of poultry and pork Mechanically Separated Meat (MSM), on Separators of their own design.

LIMA, which means “ LES INNOVATIONS MECANIQUES ALIMENTAIRES ” (the mechanical innovations for the food industry) was therefore incorporated in 1981 to manufacture this Separator.

Since that time, with dynamism in innovation, LIMA have specialized in the design, manufacturing and sales of a complete range of:

  • meat-bone Separators, Deboners, Desinewers,

internationally patented, corresponding to the highest EU-USA quality standards.

In spring 1999, LIMA moved to a new factory modernly equipped with an inhouse laboratory to allow customers to test their own products.

A team of representatives and associated companies markets and services the Separators in more than 100 countries on all continents.

LIMA participates directly (SIAL / Paris, IFFA /  Frankfurt, IPPE / Atlanta, ANUGA FoodTec / Cologne, VIV EUROPE / Utrecht, etc...) or indirectly jointly on our distributors' stand, each year to 27 to 35 different international exhibitions.

Today more than 90 % being exported worldwide makes LIMA’s technology a world leader in this field, and illustrates the relevance of our conception of Quality in separation.