Asian Meat - Jan/Feb 2017


Although traditionally Chinese consume bone-in meat, French meat-bone separator manufacturer Lima sees a growing demand for its equipment in China.

"More Chinese broiler processors turn to Lima separators because of the added value that helps them to improve quality, raise margins and save labour costs", said Boris Galisson, Sales & Marketing Director.

The broiler segment is widely seen to be the most advanced part within China's animal protein sector, and chicken products are mostly supplied to quick service restaurants.

Lima is also ready to meet the emerging demands from other segments such as pork and beef, with its more than 70 different models of separators, deboners and desinewers that have input capacities of up to 20 000 kg per hour, according to Mr Galisson/

For instance, its S-type separators are designed for well-structured mechanically separated meat (MSM), with D-type deboners for ground meat, DS- type deboners for structured meat, and DD-type desinewers for desinewed meat. It also has a C range that is dedicated to pork fat-skin separation.

"With our local dealer Wilber, Lima has enjoyed successful shows in Chine", Mr Galisson said.