Asian Poultry - June/July 2017

Lima promotes small capacity separators and deboners

Lima introduced small capacity separators and deboners at VIV Asia 2017.

Roger America, International Sales Director of Lima, said demand for small capacity machines is growing in Asia. Small capacity separators and deboners offer production between 100-200 kg per hour.

"We see demand from small producers of sausages and fish processing customers and, even though they have small capacity demand to start with, they want to get further value," Mr America said.

Producers seek to get further value of their bones and chicken carcasses, he added.

The recovered meat with Lima's separators are called mechanically deboned or separated meat (MDM or MSM), but they are called comminuted chicken meat (CCM) in Thailand. Meanwhile, Lima's deboners are designed specially to recover high structured meat.

"For producers who already have CCM machines, they want to invest in a first step machine to recover highly structured meat then use the CCM machines to separate the remaining mix of bones and meat coming out of our Lima deboners. Hence, they are building the line with two machines and have a two-step process," Mr America said.