International Meat Topics - Feb 2017

Producing the highest quality of mechanically separated meat

Lima machines are acclaimed around the world by customers producing the highrest quality of MS  (Mechanically Separated Meat) at high yield.

The Lima RM 70 S with very few additional parts can be changed over into the LIMA RM 80 DDS/DD deboner/desinewer.

Similarly, any Lima S model can easily be changed over into a DDS/DD deboner/desinewer.

The LIMA DDS/DD range ensures very high quality meat on raw products, such as poultry, pork and beef.

Typical applications include :

  • Desinewing of raw materials with or without cartilage, such as shank meat, trimmings, aponeurosis, high yields: from 80-98 % while C/P ratios remain under controlled values and the temperature hardly increases during the process.
  • Mechanical deboning. The same Lima machines, equipped with the adequate deboning head, enable the production of very high quality separated meat, in terms of structure, colour and low calcium content, less than 1 000 ppm.