LIMA Quality in separation - Meating Point

LIMA: Quality in separation - a growing red meat desinewing market for LIMA.

Most of its customers know LIMA for "hard separation" that is separation of meat from bones at high yield to produce conventional MSM (Mechanically Separated Meat). This is still LIMA's main market worldwide with its range of LIMA S meat-bone separators and LIMA has built over all these years a strong reputation as a world leader in meat bone separation.

However, it is important to underline the fact that LIMA started developing its desinewing technology since 2008 and that LIMA is currently making a bigger and bigger name for itself in the industry for desinewing, that is separation of meat from tendons, sinews, cartilages, bone chips out of trimmings, shank meat, aponeurosis and bone-out meat in general with its range LIMA DD and DDM desinewers. The recovered meat is a HIGH-quality meat. Typical high yields are obtained, from 80% to 96% while C/P rations remain under controlled values and the temperature hardly increases during the process.

These desinewing applications are for poultry, beef meat, lamb meat, bone-out meat in general.

Lately, specially in France, with the change in the legislation, as the desinewed meat has now its own denomination as "pressed meat" in France, two major minced beef meat processors decided to invest into LIMA RM 400 DDM desinewers with their specific hopper and anti-bridging arm.

One important point is that desinewed meat whatever the country is never considered as MSM (Mechanically Separated Meat) but meat indeed.

Many cutomers in Europe and overseas, are already taking benefit of the high-quality recovered meat from LIMA DD / DDM technology. They also enjoy the very simple yield adjustment and short down time for cleaning. This range of desinewers have a capacity of 100 kg/hr (220 lbs/hr) up to 12 000 kg/hr (26 500 lbs/hr), and have all the benefits you can expect from the Quality in Separation, LIMA can offer, such as:

  • No extra pre breaking or pre grinding,
  • Low temperature increase,
  • High efficiency,
  • Low maintenance cost,
  • Quick pay back

LIMA actively participates to more than 35 different tradeshows a year, many of them being specialized in the poultry, meat and fish industries such as IFFA in Frankfurt, ANUGA in Cologne, IPPE in Atlanta, SIAL in Paris, SEAFOOD PROCESSING shows in Brussels and many VIV shows in Europe, Asia and in the Middles East. So, please feel free to come and meet them to discuss about your separation needs.