New development : separating augers robotized overhauling


Project title: Robotized Welding and Grinding/Polishing.

Amount of FEDER grant: 91 530 €

(Link to the website for the European funding in Brittany:

Project description:

The aim of the operation was to:

  • Increase the capacity of a robotized welding station.
  • Robotize rough grinding operations (currently carried out on a lathe) and grinding/polishing operations (currently carried out manually).
  • Improve the quality of separating screws overhauls.
  • Improve the ergonomics of workstations and reduce drudgery.
  • Increase our capacity to overhaul a larger number of separating heads to keep pace with market growth.

Thanks to a scanner arm, we model the surfaces to be welded and then ground/polished.

Using data processing software, we can create welding trajectories and then grinding/polishing trajectories.

The welding and grinding/polishing programs are transferred to the respective robots to perform the desired tasks.


We will now be able to weld more parts on the welding robot and welding quality will be improved.

To date, following development tests, the grinding/polishing robot is already enabling us to automatically grind/polish around 80 % of a separating screw. A few manual operations will be required to complete the robot's tasks. The tests carried out during the development phase are conclusive.

The ergonomics of the workstations have been improved and the drudgery reduced.


Welding station


Grinding/Polishing station