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On July 1st, 2024, FORTIFI completes acquisition of LIMA company.


"LIMA creates efficient, high-quality equipment that is essential for secondary and further processing of proteins, especially poultry and pork," said Massimo Bizzi, Chief Executive Officer of Fortifi. "We are delighted to expand our capabilities in this essential area of food production, which continues Fortifi’s aggressive growth trajectory."


"We welcome the opportunity to serve customers beyond our current base as part of the Fortifi family," said Denis Le Guillou, President of LIMA. "We look forward to seeing our technology increase our customers’ profitability for an even broader range of global facilities."


FORTIFI company overview

We're here to do one big thing very well. Our relentless focus on automated food processing solutions makes us single minded and globally present. That's why Fortifi can visualize and deliver full-lifecycle automation solutions for the entire food industry.


We offer every aspect of the advanced technology necessary to set up a process and automate a plant. But our ultimate resource is our ability to understand what our customers need and to solve their real problems. Whether that requires tools, machines or a complete plant, we're ready.


The Fortifi purpose

Fortifi automated solutions transform the food processing industry with sustainable operational efficiency. As a leading strategic partner, we further our capabilities through strategic investment and prioritizing an employee and customer-driven culture. We prioritize innovation and safety while we create value for customers, society and investors.


Benefits of automation

Solve tomorrow's problems today. Manual processes alone can marginalize productivity and limit versatility. "The way it's always been done" leaves little room for new products, process innovation and improved efficiency. Now's the time to reexamine assumptions, break through obstacles and advance the food industry.


Automation makes sense in all types of manufacturing. It speeds up output, eliminates drudgery, and offsets the ebb and flow of the workforce. In food production, optimized environments enhance high-quality yields as well as safety, consistency and sustainability.


The inescapable extremes of complex food production environments make efficiency and safety difficult to achieve – without automation. Fortifi automates every aspect of operational efficiency, profitability and safety. Production efficiency respects the employee as well as the consumer and the bottom line. Automation takes the overwork out of production, and removes workers from tedium and risk at the same time that it speeds up output, eliminates contaminants and helps producers respond to new food trends.


Market segments served

Around the world and throughout the food-production industry, Fortifi can help increase efficiency and profitability. Our capabilities extend across all aspects of food production – and rather than try to serve every manufacturing sector, we're focused on food. Whether that's meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables, cheese, dairy, and more, we have the vision to configure complete automation solutions.


Fortifi solutions

We are a food processing technology company. Of course, we provide the tools, equipment, systems, robotics, controls and software, aftermarket service, spare parts, and equipment retrofits for success in food-production automation. But we also understand how to deliver the solutions our customers need – now and for tomorrow – not just the technology itself.


Tools: Trimmers, membrane skinners/derinders, power knives, automatic batter breading, blade sharpening, pneumatic shears

Equipment: Primary, secondary and additional processing for proteins; destoning, conveying, cleaning, sizing, inspection, battering, coating, breading, frying, smoking, thermal treatment, packaging and palletizing for fruits and vegetables and with LIMA by Fortifi, meat-bone separation, deboning and desinewing

Systems: Complete plant and line design

Robotics: Specialized for extreme environments and hygiene-sensitive applications

Controls and software: Production control and robot training

Aftermarket: Installation, commissioning and support

Service: Scheduled, routine and emergent assistance from expert field service engineers

Spare parts: Efficient on-demand and routine supply

Retrofits: Futureproof your line for new outputs and products


How important is it to obtain full lifecycle solutions from a single source? We're built to be vertically integrated so we can create holistic systems that operate with seamless efficiency. No integration obstacles, no complex transitions from planning through buildout and on to commissioning. We're as turnkey as you need us to be, to automate an entire plant or improve a single line.



Fortifi addresses every aspect of food production with the insights and technology to automate the full range of applications. From hardware to software, we configure, install, commission and support everything producers need to get ahead of their challenges and their competition.

  • Meat: Primary, secondary and additional processing from slaughtering and initial preparation to cutting, curing, coating, smoking, thermal processing and cooking, and on to creation of value-added products
  • Hygiene: Maintenance of strict sanitation controls to prevent biologic and foreign-body contamination of products
  • Food safety: Monitoring, quality control and adherence to regulatory standards throughout the production process
  • Palletizing: Automated handling and logistics to speed up production and eliminate high-stress, high-injury manual processes
  • Conveying: Material, product and packaging transport for an efficient workflow
  • Packaging: Protection and preservation of food products within production cycles and on to the retail shelf
  • Reverse packaging: Robust standalone or integrated technology for sustainable removal and responsible waste processing
  • Chilling and freezing: Controlled temperature environments for proper preservation of perishable items
  • Fruit and vegetables: Post-harvest processing lines for proper cleaning, sorting and packaging; thermal processing
  • Water treatment solutions: Pre-use and post-use purification
  • Special equipment manufacturing: Design and production of custom solutions for innovative responses to specific production needs.


Why Fortifi

We're solely focused on food solutions, and that's an advantage other providers can't offer. We're a global presence in every aspect of automated food processing solutions. We provide all the pieces and make them work together.


As a full lifecycle solution provider, Fortifi handles food processing automation from a 360° perspective. We identify early-phase needs, design entire plants, provide machines and tools, install and commission lines, provide field service and retrofit existing lines. We're with our customers at every step of the process and every stop on the line.