Quality in Meat-Bone Separation

LIMA are specialists in the manufacture of meat-bone separators, deboning and desinewing machines for poultry, pork, fish, lamb and beef industries.


70 different patented models are available from 100 to 20 000 kg/hr (220 – 44 000 lbs) :

  - Nice fibrous meat texture MSM on "S" Separators,
  - Ground / coarse deboned meat on "D/DS" & "DP/DSP" Deboners,
  - High textured meat on "DD/DDS"& "DDM/DDSM" Desinewers/Deboners,
  - Fat/skin separation on "C" Separators,
  - Quality fibrous structured meat on "BSP" Separators.
  • continuous operation,
  • hygienic,
  • no pre-breaker needed,
  • very low temperature rise,
  • very easy to operate and quick to clean.

As a consequence of the design, the raw product is handled very gently with very minimum pressure on it. The low rotation speed of the auger insures a very small temperature increase. This enables the production of high quality meat ideally textured for further processing.


The profile of the hopper and the head body allows 100 % access for cleaning and disinfection which is very easy and quick. Furthermore, all models can be supplied with a special dismantling table to ease the cleaning operation. The head adjusts to allow for optimum yield to cope with variations in the raw product. The separated meat is transferred away and protected in a pipe without the need of an extra pump.


In addition, LIMA offer complete equipment such as automatic feeding and weighing systems, as well as two steps “D+S” operations.