Asian Meat-July-Aug 19

LIMA enters medium-capacity market

Meat-bone separator, deboner and desinewer manufacturer Lima has moved into the medium-capacity market to meet growing demand.

"Previously we only had small capacity and big capacity machines. Later we found that there were customers that wanted to step up their production," Roger America, Lima's International Sales Director, told Asian Meat Magazine.

"However, they are not ready yet to jump directly from small to big-capacity machines. Besides, the investment would be too big, so we decided to fill the gap with medium-capacity machines."

High-quality production

Lima's new low-pressure RM 160 DSP pork deboner claims to be able to deliver major reductions in the amount of calcium in the mechanically separated pork, while maintaining high yields. The result is a well-structured recovered meat with technological properties close to minced meat.

Thanks to a specially-shaped hoffer for sticky products, and its anti-bridging arm, large quantities of raw materials can be fed into the RM 400 DDM desinewer. The machine was designed for the production of high quality desinewed beef, pork, lamb and poultry meat. It can separate sinews, tendons, cartilage and bone chips from premium grount meat out of bone-out shank meat, trimmings and aponeurosis pieces.

This is appealing because desinewed meat does not have to be labeled as mechanically separated meat in most countries, Mr America said. Instead, it can be branded as meat or ground meat.

Also in Lima's portfolio are two high-yield meat-bones separators for poultry - Lima RM 50 S and RM 2000 S. These have been receiving growing interest from the Asian market, along with the company's other products.