Machines specs

Meat-bone Separators S & SM range


Mechanically Separated Meat (MSM)


  • High yield
  • Nice fibrous separated meat


The ergonomic design of the machines and the extreme attention paid to the design of each part enable optimum performances for the benefit of our customers, such as :

  • a higher quality of MSM,
  • at high yield from 40 to 45 % on pork bones up to 80 to 85 % on whole chicken depending on raw material and models,
  • the separated meat is protected by a closed support and transferred through a pipe,
  • continuous operation with low energy consumption,
  • small footprint,
  • operator friendly.


Specifically, LIMA SM machines are equipped with a pre-breaking arm which enables to feed the hopper with raw materials of big dimension without having to pre-cut them, e.g. whole turkey or big turkey carcasses. This arm acts as well as an anti-bridging one enabling to run the machine with a hopper completely filled with raw materials.



LIMA offers 42 different S models from 100 to 20 000 kg/hr to match your type of raw product and throughput.


Our team as well as our distributors will be delighted to select with you the most suitable LIMA model corresponding to your exact needs - upon receipt of your inquiry - with the description of your raw material and your targeted input capacity.