Machines specs

Deboners DSP & DSPM range

Lamb breast / RM 700 DSP

Mechanically deboned structured meats


  • Low pressure
  • Structured meat
  • Very low calcium content


The DSP & DSPM Deboners have been specially developed to separate meat from hard bones as for instance from pork bones to obtain a high quality structured meat at optimal yield and low calcium content.


A specific filter with slots has been designed for this range of deboners to produce a high quality structured meat whose technological characteristics are close to a ground meat (designation and declaration depending on the regulations in force).


The DSP & DSPM range benefits also from the main advantages of LIMA equipment:


  • No pre-crushing nor pre-sizing needed on most products and models, 
  • Closed filter configuration as a standard with a transfer pipe for the deboned meat,
  • Continuous operation with low energy consumption,
  • Small footprint,
  • Operator friendly.


LIMA has developed a pre-breaking arm system for big-sized bones such as for instance pork backbones.

This arm enables all DSPM models to pre-break for example whole pork backbones without pre-sizing before feeding them into the hopper.

This same arm also enables thanks to a slow back and forth motion to fill the hopper fully with raw materials without taking the risk of bridging over the feeding auger.


LIMA offers 14 different DSPM models from 300 kg / hr (660 lbs / hr) to 15 000 kg / hr (33 000 lbs / hr).


Our team as well as our distributors will be delighted to select with you the most suitable model corresponding to your exact needs – upon receipt of your inquiry – with the description of your raw material and targeted input capacity.