Machines specs

Beef meat-bone Separators BSP & BSPM range


Quality fibrous structured beef meat


  • Low pressure
  • But high yield
  • And low calcium content


LIMA BSP beef meat-bone Separators have been specifically designed to separate meat from beef bones (backbones, collar bones, ribs - no round bones) so as to obtain a quality fibrous structured beef meat at high yield.

The specific design of the tools allows the lowest possible pressure on the raw material while ensuring the highest possible yield.

The adapted profile of the hopper and a low speed rotation preserve the raw material characteristics at their best.

It is not necessary to pre-grind or pre-crush the bones before feeding them into the hopper of the LIMA BSP beef meat-bone Separator.


The BSP range benefits also from the main advantages of LIMA equipment:

  • the separated meat is protected by a closed support and transferred through a pipe,
  • continuous operation with low energy consumption,
  • small footprint,
  • operator friendly.


LIMA has developed a pre-breaking arm system for big-sized bones such as for instance beef or sow backbones.

This arm enables all BSPM models to pre-break for example whole beef backbones without pre-sizing before feeding them into the hopper.

This same arm also enables thanks to a slow back and forth motion to fill the hopper fully with raw materials without taking the risk of bridging over the feeding auger.


LIMA offers 6 different BSP models from 1 500 to 6 000 kg/hr to match your type of raw product and throughput.


Our team as well as our distributors will be delighted to select with you the most suitable LIMA model corresponding to your exact needs - upon receipt of your inquiry - with the description of your raw material and your targeted input capacity.