Machines specs

Deboners / Desinewers DD/DDS & DDM/DDSM range


Quality deboned & ground-desinewed poultry meat


  • Very high-quality deboned structured or ground poultry meat
  • Very high-quality ground-desinewed poultry meat
  • Low pressure
  • Low temperature increase


The LIMA DD/DDS & DDM/DDSM range is specially dedicated to debone meat from bone-in raw material such as chicken or turkey carcasses, necks, whole birds.

Thanks to the very gentle handling:

  • no pregrinding needed even on large raw material pieces,
  • open filter as a standard or as an option: protection by a closed support with transfer through a pipe,
  • continuous operation with low energy consumption,
  • small footprint,
  • operator frienldy,

a very high quality deboned ground meat or structured meat is separated from the bones at optimal yield and low calcium content, with high technological characteristics and a very hygienic process.


The specific design of the tools allows the lowest possible pressure on the raw material.

The adapted profile of the hopper and a low rotation speed preserve the raw material characteristics.

A filter with 1 x 20 mm slots as a standard has been developed to produce a very high quality deboned structured meat.

Other sizes of slots such as 0.7 x 20 mm or 0.5 x 20 mm are also available for instance, depending on the raw materials to be deboned.

Alternatively, a filter with 3 mm round holes as a standard can also be used to produce a very high quality deboned ground meat.


Specifically, LIMA DDM/DDSM machines are equipped with an anti-bridging / pre-breaking arm system to debone meat, fed in big quantities in the hopper.

All our LIMA DD/DDS & DDM/DDSM can be used also as Grinders-Desinewers with bone-out (boneless) raw materials such as chicken and turkey trimmings, wishbones, turkey deboned thigh and drumstick meat or other poultry meat pieces. In that case, the recovered meat is not a mechanically separated meat coming from bone-in raw material but a ground-desinewed meat.

A filter with 3 mm round holes as a standard has been developed to produce a high-quality ground-desinewed meat.



LIMA offers 46 different models from 100 to 15 000 kg/hr to match your type of raw product and throughput.


Our team as well as our distributors will be delighted to select with you the most suitable model corresponding to your exact needs - upon receipt of your inquiry - with the description of your raw material and your targeted input capacity.